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ЗАО "ВегаМ"

ЗАО "ВегаМ"

Automation is our



 JSC «VegaM» has been working in the field of process control systems for more than 20 years. The main areas of the company’s activity are modernisation of automatic electric drive systems and process control systems, development and implementation of process control systems based on programmable controllers of leading manufacturers.


   The company has a wide experience in different fields of industrial production. JSC VegaM offer multifunction, flexible decisions considering various features of the production process.




    wide experience in industrial automation
    quality of orders execution
    strict adherence to deadlines
    skilled maintenance and technical support





     1. JSC “Tetra Pak”, Moscow, Russia
     2. Public corporation “Shchelkovsky metallurgichesky zavod”, Shchelkovo, Moscow region, Russia
     3. Metallurgical works “Serp i molot”, Moscow, Russia
     4. Moscow Aviation University, Moscow, Russia
     5. Trumpet works “Filit”, Moscow, Russia


     We offer the Customer the optimal solutions!

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