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ЗАО "ВегаМ"

Automation is our

Process Control Systems:

We offer the following services:


1.Modernization of automated electric drive systems and process control systems.



The modernization of the existing systems is based on the programmable controllers of leading manufacturers (Allen-Bradley, Siemens), as well as personal and industrial computers. The modern SCADA-systems are used to operate the the technological processes. Also, with the aim of saving the customer funds, the optimal solutions to remain in operation costly power components are often used. For effective modernization of equipment both local and distributed systems are used.


2.The development of multifunctional process control systems.


     Based on many years of experience in the process control systems development, all features of specific production technology as well as the expansion of production possibility are taken into account. Depending on the tasks local or distributed process control system based on programmable controllers, personal and industrial computers are used. The possibility of integration with other existing enterprise systems or separate equipment management modules is also taken into account while developing the process control system. The SCADA-systems and the visualization panels of leading manufacturers are used to operate the technological process. In case of sophisticated production technology, when the existing SCADA systems can not provide the optimal functionality, the company develops the specific software according to the requirements.


While the development of process control systems the modern programming techniques and storage and data access systems are used. There is experience of work with OPC servers, MS SQL databases, as well as with programming techniques, including Microsoft.NET. The company is constantly monitoring new developments, which are later implemented in the projects. The vast experience of our professionals allows you to create simple and functional interface to manage the most complex technological processes.


The projects are usually turnkey done and include:

      technical specifications development;
      system designing;
      PLC, SCADA programming and specific software development (if required);
      equipment purchasing;
      delivery and setting up of the equipment;
      strat-up and adjustment works;
      service personnel training


There is a vast experience working with process control systems in the metallurgical and food industries.



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