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SCADA systems


The modern process control system is a two-level system.

The lower level includes a variety of sensors to gather the information about the process, electric drives and actuators for the implementation of regulatory and control actions. The upper level includes one or more operation stations namely an automated workplace (AWP) for manager / operator of the technological process, or a specific workplace station with a SCADA system.



Screenshots of the SCADA workplace in juice factory.
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SCADA systems tasks.


      The real-time data exchange with the industrial controller PLC or corrisponding input/output (I/O) board.

      Displaying the information on a screen in a comprehensible form.

      Maintaince of the database of real-time technology information.

      Visualization of information in the form of graphs, histograms, etc.

      Alarm indication and alarming reports.

      Archiving of technological information (history maintance).

      The maintance of connectivity to the external applications e.g.database management systems


  Our company successfully implements technological process operation stations in various industries.

  We can build a system of any complexity, depending on your requirements.





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